Jeon Jihwan Scenario: Stealing A Kiss From You

Rated: T (Okay for K+)

He just stood there with his eyes close as he smiles at you. Was he asking for a kiss?

“Jihwan!” You say as you teasingly poke him in the stomach.

“YA!” He laughs as she grabs where you poked him. You could tell he felt disappointed.

“Seriously, what were you trying to do?” You had to ask him. Curiosity was killing you.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He says as he grabs your hand. “I wanted my girl to kiss me.”

You have been dating Jihwan for a month now and since you still feel kind of shy you haven’t even stolen a kiss from him. You like when he steals kisses from you but the idea of you stealing kisses from him has had you thinking that maybe he won’t like it; that maybe it will disturb him and you don’t want that. You just don’t want to give him a bad idea about yourself but since it’s been a month now you guess its okay.

Without noticing he has gone back to rehearse. You are on his rehearsal for moral support; he wanted to see you so you just had to be there for him. You watch as he moves throw the sound of the music then your eyes meet his lips. Without thinking you bit your lips – the urge of stealing a kiss from him has taken over you.

You just have to finally steal a kiss from him!

Finally they stop rehearsing. He walks up to you to grab the towel you brought for him. He takes it away from you and wipes away his sweat. You just stand there feeling hopeless. Why can’t I steal a kiss from him?! You thought and you practically scream inside your mind.

“How was it?” He asks as he broke your line of thought.

“It was cool. I liked it.” Was the only thing you could say as you feel disappointment about yourself.

“Something wrong?” He asks.

“No.” you smile, “I was just thinking about what we are doing after this.”

“Ah! Want to watch a movie after I finish taking a shower?” He asks with one of his grins.

“Alright.” You respond as you smile back at him and so he leaves for the showers.

You waited for a while but they seemed seconds because you couldn’t stop thinking of stealing a kiss from him. Both of you are watching a movie already and he even has his arm around you, your head on his chest, but you still haven’t made a move. Then realization hit you, he said “I wanted my girl to kiss me.” so that must mean that he wants me to kiss him too! With your eyes you turn them to look at his lips.

You notice that he sighs and bites his lips.

Is he waiting for me to kiss him?

That’s when you decided to make your move. You lean onto him and finally steal a kiss from him - only a peck on the lips but for now that’s okay for you. You pull away from him and the look on his face is so priceless; his eyes are wide open but by his smile you can tell he’s happy.

He grabs you and gives you a deep kiss; the ones that always seem to leave you in a daze. Oh how you loved his kisses - the taste of peppermint.

"Finally you kissed me!" He says as he stops kissing you, "I have been waiting for this" he says, "But next time give me a kiss like the one I just gave you, okay?"

You nodded and the thought of the second stolen kiss filled you head. Oh when will you have the guts to steal one again? At least you now know he does want you to steal a kiss from him!

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